CTECH Business Solutions

CTECH Business Solutions is a specialist IT company specialising in Microsoft 365, fibre circuits, telephone systems, cyber security, website development and general IT Support. Founded in August 2018 by John-Alan Cole with just a website and no fixed offices, CTECH has overcome adversity and is now going from strength to strength.

John-Alan Cole said: “I was using coffee shops as my office when I first started out, hopping on their Wifi and drinking excessive amounts of coffee and cakes! As CTECH started to gain a few customers it was important to start looking like a proper company with a professional outlook. That was the primary reason behind moving to a shared office at the Fareham Innovation Centre shared office.

“In 2019 we hired a new Marketing Assistant to help build and grow the brand and, shortly afterward, we were able to move into a small office within the Centre. However, 2020 was really hard for us with many mid to large customers downsizing or furloughing staff due to the pandemic. We buckled down and tried to make the most of the situation, consolidating the existing customer base and towards the end of 2020 we moved back into a shared office. Fortunately, the Centre accommodated us by allowing us to use the office as though it was our own space. Shortly after, Andy Dennahy joined as my business partner and took on the role of Managing Director so that I could focus on Operations and Sales.

“2021 continued to be really tough, but we stepped things up and worked hard to recuperate the business lost, adding a steady stream of new customers, while improving our processes. All the hard work certainly paid off as, in June 2021, we were able to move into a larger office in the Centre, to accommodate up to 10 members of staff.

“Being in the Fareham Innovation Centre has enabled us to work closely with Fareham College, bringing in T-Level students on work experience and adding a first-line IT Support Help Desk Technician on an Apprenticeship Scheme. It’s been the perfect place for a small company like CTECH. The Reception staff and Centre Management understand the challenges that small businesses face and have always been flexible and done everything they can to help us. The office accommodation is modern and inviting, the kitchen facilities and toilets are clean and tidy, meeting rooms can be booked easily, and it has plenty of parking.

“As a forward-looking IT company CTECH’s mission is to redefine people’s attitudes and expectations about their IT, and the Centre is a great place to start our journey and support our growth. Many of the companies within the Innovation Centre have also recognised the value we bring and become customers, which has really helped us. We look forward to the rest of 2021 with great optimism. We see increasing opportunities as the market picks up, utilising everything that Fareham Innovation Centre offers to help our growth.”