Psion Vision Ltd

Paul Dawson founded Psion Vision Ltd in 2008 after many years working as a team leader within the Ministry of Defence.

Psion Vision Ltd uses cutting-edge 3D modelling technology to assess the structural integrity and safety of fighting equipment such as tanks and missile systems for the defence sector. This technology could reduce unnecessary workshop repairs by up to 70% and could save clients millions of pounds without compromising on safety.

Prior to moving into the Fareham Innovation Centre Paul had been working from home just a few hundred metres away and knew that his business would benefit from the vibrant working environment with like-minded entrepreneurs. It was also the ideal location for growth due to its scalability options, with office space ranging from a desk in a shared office to large workshop spaces.

Paul said: “Moving to the Fareham Innovation Centre was the best thing I ever did. When I was working for myself I had to do everything, but now I have a range of people with different skill sets available to me and the networking opportunities are fantastic.

“As a micro business, the support I’ve had from the team at Fareham Innovation Centre has been superb from day one. The centre does not just provide office space, but it does everything it can to help organisations grow and has helped transform my business. The team here were instrumental in helping me access grants during the Covid-19 pandemic and even provided the opportunity which led to us winning our new maritime contract. They also provide marketing support and business advice, which is great and provides real peace of mind.”

The company has now won a fully funded contract within the maritime sector to launch several applications using smart eyewear. This innovative hands-free eyewear allows a remote engineer to not only dictate a detailed voice-controlled report on the equipment they are inspecting, but they can communicate via live video and audio with colleagues, access and share documents, manuals and diagrams.

Paul added: “I now work with a team of five experts to develop this product which has massive potential and I know I’m in the right place to scale up the business when the time comes.”