Eidos Consulting

Eidos Consulting is a learning and development consultancy specialising in helping businesses achieve their goals though developing the skills and capabilities of their employees. Starting as a traditional consultancy service provider, they have expanded their portfolio of offerings to include bespoke e-Learning development and their online Eidos Essentials membership.

Paul Marston co-founded Eidos Consulting along with his colleague, Jo Reeves in 2016. In 2018, they were looking for office space to take the business into full time operation and decided to take an office at the Fareham Innovation Centre based at the Solent Enterprise Zone at Daedalus.

Paul said: “There were plenty of office space options around at the time, but in addition to providing a professional-looking site with good facilities, the team at Fareham Innovation Centre also offered business planning and marketing support. The centre is filled with other businesses at the same stage in their lifecycle as us. This meant we had opportunities to learn from and work with other entrepreneurs in a mutually beneficial environment within the centre.

“The team here hold regular networking events within the Innovation Centre so that we can meet likeminded people and network with other businesses. They also help to share news on social media and promote the businesses here to a wider audience. We really value the support the centre offers and particularly the chance to engage with the other organisations here. Our business has seen significant growth over the past year, and our environment has certainly supported that.”

“We are grateful that the Innovation Centre was so flexible during the Covid-19 pandemic and that we have still been able to grow our business despite everything going on. We are now looking to expand our team as well as our office space, but we certainly won’t be looking elsewhere as Fareham Innovation Centre offers scalable options to accommodate our needs well into the future.”